Who We Are

At Sabibu Africa, we are on a mission to create exceptional spirits that transcend time and elevate your moments. Our journey is inspired by the wisdom of our legendary ancestor, Sabibu wa Kwanza, who was renowned for his mastery of libations and crafting drinks that stood the test of time.

Our Products

Rooted in the heart of Kenya's rich history, we are dedicated to crafting the finest spirits that reflect the heritage and culture of Africa. Our commitment to quality, passion, innovation, and attention to detail is unwavering, just as it was for Sabibu wa Kwanza. Every sip of Sabibu spirit is a tribute to the legacy of master distillers and a celebration of the timeless wisdom that guides us. We invite you to raise a glass with us, not just to excellence but to the art of savoring life's most precious moments.

What's More?

At Sabibu Africa, our spirits are more than just drinks; they are the keys to unlocking a world of exquisite flavors and unmatched craftsmanship. Join us on this journey to redefine how you savor your moments and experience the magic in every drop. Cheers to a new era of exceptional spirits with Sabibu Africa!

Our Products

Highest Quality

International Standards

Our products match international standards.

100% Natural

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

Curated Products

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

Modern Farm

Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

Alway Fresh

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.


Chemical free consumption IN and ON your body.

Our Team

We Are The Best Team

Sherri Horton
Hector Stokes
Aliesha Preston
Eiliyah Gould