About us

Our Mission

To handcraft the finest innovative and unique spirits from quality ingredients using artisan distillation methods. We strive to inspire and contribute to the world of spirits, while maintaining focus on providing an exciting and educational experience.

Short story

Founded in 2021, Sabibu Africa is an artisan business creating great tasting spirits and liqueurs. We are based at Njoro Veg building along Thika superhighway.

About us

Sabibu Africa was established in 2021. As a consumer-driven business, Sabibu Africa takes time to study the market and understand consumer needs. We combine good vibes with scientific innovation and operational badassery to deliver exceptional craft spirits across Kenya. We use natural ingredients, distil locally and foster togetherness through everything we do.

  • Moran Family

    Under Our Moran Family which includes:

    • Moran Brandy
    • Moran Vodka
    • Moran Whiskey
    • Moran Gin
    • Moran Cane
  • Brave Family

    Under our Brave Family it includes: 

    • Bazzu Brandy
    • 21 Cane 
    • Symba Vodka 
    • Huzzah Whiskey
    • IMA Gin


About us


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About us


Delivery is done locally, countrywide and shipped internationally. 


About us


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