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Symba Vodka: Craft your own modern masterpiece with every sip of Symba Vodka

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Symba Vodka is a vodka that’s infused with the flavors of Africa. It’s a spirit that’s both¬†traditional and innovative. With every sip, you’ll taste the flavors of the past and the future.

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the spirit of Kenya with SYMBA Vodka, a pristine creation by Sabibu Africa. Crafted with care, integrity, and a deep respect for the environment, SYMBA Vodka captures the essence of Kenya’s natural beauty, and the vibrant spirit of its people, in every crystal-clear drop.

A Taste of Africa’s Purity:

SYMBA Vodka is a testament to the purity and clarity of Africa’s finest resources. We meticulously source the highest-quality grains and blend them with the purest water, sourced from Kenya’s untouched springs, resulting in a vodka that embodies the pristine landscapes it hails from.

The Ultimate in Smoothness:

Every sip of SYMBA Vodka unveils the epitome of smoothness. Its velvety texture glides over your palate, leaving behind a refreshingly clean and crisp taste. This is vodka at its purest, offering a timeless experience of elegance and sophistication.

Versatile Elegance:

SYMBA Vodka is your canvas for creating sophisticated cocktails and cherished memories. It’s the perfect base for your favorite mixed drinks or a serene companion when savored neat or on the rocks. This versatility makes SYMBA Vodka an essential part of any occasion.

Proudly Kenyan, Globally Acclaimed:

SYMBAA Vodka carries the distinguished label of “Made in Kenya,” symbolizing our unwavering commitment to preserving the pristine beauty of our homeland. Its exceptional quality and character have earned it accolades and admirers from around the world.

Sustainability and Stewardship:

At Sabibu Africa, we hold the environment close to our hearts. Our production process integrates sustainable practices to protect Kenya’s natural treasures. SYMBA Vodka is not just a testament to quality but a promise to maintain the integrity of our environment.

Experience SYMBA Vodka Today:

Unlock the authentic taste of Kenya, captured in every drop of SYMBA Vodka. With its rich African heritage and unparalleled purity, SYMBA Vodka is not just a spirit; it’s a journey through the heart of Africa, thoughtfully distilled and elegantly bottled for your enjoyment.

Choose SYMBA Vodka to experience the pristine essence of Kenya, where craftsmanship meets purity, and Africa’s heart meets yours. Cheers to the extraordinary!

Order your bottle of SYMBA Vodka today and take a sip of Kenya’s unspoiled beauty. Raise a toast to the purity of SYMBA.


  • Enjoy Symba Vodka responsibly together.
  • Strictly not for sale to persons below the age of 18.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health.

Storage Information

  • Store upright in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • K.R.A Certified
  • KEBS Certified
  • NACADA Certified

Contact Information

  • Phone: 0790 177 777


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